'Big Brother 11' Feed Update: Kindergarten Showmances and Banana Suit Prances

Even though Big Brother 11 is gunning for the high school clique theme, the HGs seem to be acting more like kindergarteners. The only problem is, they're less fun to watch and they sleep too much. But besides that, this season has its peculiar share of romantic pairings and a love triangle to boot. There's also a guy dressed as a banana.

Anyway, there were pranks and racy confessions between couples yesterday, along with a bit of strategizing for some. Just another typical day in the Big Brother house.


These two are spending more and more time with each other, and who can blame them when they're stuck in one place? Russell and Chima were spotted getting all cozy in the patio couch and watching the moon. The Brain's talking about how they played that crazy Truth or Dare game and hopes they didn't put it on TV. Since she's hoping to be a teacher, she doesn't want her students to find out that she sucked Russell's finger. Awkward.

Chima keeps telling him that he's stubborn for not getting help, because he apparently has a head injury in the pool a while earlier. Ronnie believes the Shotgun has a concussion, and we think so too since he keeps hanging out with Chima. Then again, a Brain and an Athlete getting together isn't so bad.

What's funnier than this: Jessie asking Ronnie what a concussion is.


The inseparable J&J have been plotting their revenge on the rest of the HGs, dreaming of the time one of them will get to be HoH. You can just imagine Jeff telling her, "It's just you and me against the world!" and cause audiences to erupt in cheers or tears or whatever.

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