Big Brother 12 Episode Recap: Eviction No. 5

On this episode of Big Brother 12, an eviction split up a showmance for the second week in a row. With lovebirds Brendon and Rachel facing elimination, Brendon continues to attack the other houseguests in hopes of sacrificing himself to keep Rachel in the game. Plus: Ragan the Saboteur carries out his next act of paranoia-spreading sabotage. So, who was evicted? And who is the next head of household? Let's find out.

After Brendon's fiery speech at the power of veto ceremony on Wednesday's episode, Ragan labels him a Neanderthal who picks on smaller people. Britney shares Ragan's sentiments, as she calls Brendon a "disgusting ... idiot spawn of Satan." According to Brendon's diary room session, that's exactly what he wants: to remove the target from the back of Rachel, who Brendon says could be his future wife and mother of his children. Ugh. Rachel, however, thinks Brendon's sacrifice is "the nicest thing anyone will ever do for her" and that he is an "amazing special person." Brendon admits that he is an idiot for being willing to give up a shot at $500,000, but love is more important. Me? I think he is an idiot for being in love with Rachel, money or no money.

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