'Warehouse 13' Newcomer Allison Scagliotti Discusses Role

Actress Allison Scagliotti is no stranger to television roles, but she's delving into the strange for her role in Warehouse 13. She was recently introduced as the character Claudia Donovan, first appearing on the episode "Magnetism." There's definitely some attraction to this girl on the show, particularly because of the mystery surrounding her.

Allison Scagliotti recently talked to TV Overmind about her portrayal of Claudia on the series, from her chemistry with co-star Saul Rubinek to the geeks she's had to portray before. Many might recognize her as the brainiac Mindy on Nickelodeon's Drake and Josh, but now she really is entering a whole new dimension on Warehouse 13.

"Claudia is primarily the new techie/apprentice to Artie's curator," Scagliotti said. "She likes to impress Artie with her new take on his steam-punk devices, a very important skill-set - very important to running interference during a mission."

Playing Artie is Canadian actor Saul Rubinek, and it was obvious how easy it was for him and Allison to get along. "We clicked. We totally clicked," she confessed. "It was a joy and a delight to work with him, I learned so much from him and I think he learned how to deal with his teenage daughter from me. We are the ultimate duo."

She's also rather involved in coming up with ideas for Warehouse 13 artifacts, which are essential to the series. "I thought of one the other day, what if Marilyn Monroe's lipstick granted you the ability make men everywhere fall in love with you - and it had to be in the warehouse because it would eventually make you end your life the way she did. The possibilities are kind of endless."

Comparing Claudia with her Drake and Josh character Mindy, Allison Scagliotti notes how different they are, despite their brilliant minds. "Mindy is a domesticated animal, where Claudia is feral. While they are both strong and smart and they go after what they want."

Admittedly, the actress brought her own sense of style to the character. "Claudia's not afraid to dance in the aisles, get in trouble with the artifacts, and maybe talk back to Artie a couple of times," she explained. "With Claudia I had the pleasure of bringing some of my own style to her with Rock and Roll buttons, leather, and beat-up converse high tops."

As for her future on Warehouse 13, Allison Scagliotti announced: "In some of the episodes towards the end of the season Claudia does get to go out and help Pete and Myka a lot, while Artie holds down the fort. It's great, I've gotten to do so many cool things with my character - I love it."

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