Chuck: Captain Awesome Takes Center Stage

Chuck Bartowski isn't the only one getting an upgrade this season on Chuck. His brother-in-law, Devon, also known as Captain Awesome, will step into the limelight as he becomes increasingly involved in Team Bartowski's spy operations. In an interview with TV Guide, Ryan McPartlin reveals what's in store for his character and his relationship with Ellie.

"Awesome doesn't just step into the limelight, he does a 40-yard dash into the limelight this season, because unlike Chuck, who was reluctantly pulled into the spy world, Captain Awesome is dying to get a piece of the action and get some excitement in his life. As most people who are married can relate, you have to compensate, you have to pick up some hobbies because chasing single girls used to consume a lot of your energy. Now Captain Awesome wants to get in the spy world to use that leftover energy he has now that he's married. He gets involved in the most fun, cool, awesome ways," McPartlin tells TV Guide.

Devon may be good at a lot of things but this season we learn that there are just some things he's not good at in spite of his awesome nickname. Case in point: Lying. "What's interesting is that Awesome has never had to lie about anything in his life because he's a perfectionist and he's lived life to the fullest that he possibly can, so now that he has to actually lie a little bit, it's very foreign to him and he's not very good at it. You find out that Chuck did a much better job of it than Captain Awesome did," McPartlin explains.

As for Awesome's non-spy storylines, this almost certainly involves his marriage with wife Ellie. "I'm sure the family will come back into play," he says. "As far as our relationship is concerned, Ellie has ambitions of her own and those ambitions conflict with the safety of our world and how I feel like we need to operate in a certain way, or get away from a situation."

Fans can catch Ryan McPartlin on Chuck every Monday at 8pm on NBC.

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