'Girls Next Door' Mom Kendra Wilkinson Amused at Baby Antics

The only busy Girls Next Door star these days seems to be Kendra Wilkinson, or maybe she's the only one we keep hearing about. Now that she's already introduced the baby to the world, she's been dominating the front pages of magazines. It's no surprise though, since little Hank already knows how to make his mark on the masses.

Kendra Wilkinson talked about the humorous antics that her son's been getting into ever since he was born last month. It sounds as though he takes after his mother in that aspect.

On her Twitter account, the first-time mother wrote: "Hank is a BIG kid.. he stole the producers walkie talkie n talkin shit to the crew lol. They gave him an ear piece as a xmas gift 2 lol"

Apparently, little Hank has been getting into some trouble during his photo shoots and on the set of Kendra. Since he was born last month, the cameras have been following him and the family around for the show.

But one thing we may not want to see or smell on TV is the baby's diaper. Kendra revealed, "Lil man just had an atomic poo... How can something so small let out so much poop?"

Despite that though, Kendra is definitely embracing the responsibilities of motherhood. A bit too much, actually. She couldn't even bear to leave her son behind for an hour.

According to Digital Spy, it's the 24-year-old reality TV who's experiencing separation anxiety. "At first I was fine, but after an hour I started to miss him. I started to wonder what he was doing," she said.

The wife of athlete Hank Baskett went on, "I got into the car and listened to music like I used to when he was in my stomach. I looked down and he wasn't there and I started crying. I got home, ran into the house and almost forgot to take the keys out of the car because I was in such a rush to go see the baby!"

No wonder little Hank catches our attention so easily.

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