Episode 4 ''Love Always'' Review

After two weeks of waiting, Lie to Me returned tonight with an all new episode, Love Always. I gotta say, I cannot get enough of this show, one of the few I look forward to every week. I love it.

This week was all about catching a shooter and finding out how to recognize their expression when they are about to shoot. And this is why Lie to Me is so great. Not only do you get a great story, but you actually learn some interesting things that you can use in your everyday life (or at least try to use).

For example, the best part of tonight's episode was when the best man gave the finger (as he scratched his face) to the groom unconsciously because he was mad at him. So the next time you talk to someone who scratches themselves with their middle finger, you know you must have done something to piss them off.

But Lie to Me would be nothing without the brilliant acting of Tim Roth. He just brings the show to a whole new level. And with the quality scripts that the writers keep coming up with, it's a match made in heaven. (Did I mention I like the show?)

But more on tonight's episode. I have to say that each new revelation came as a surprise to me. I didn't figure out that the bodyguard was really the son of the ambassador, and of course I didn't figure out that it was really the ex-husband of the bride who was behind the killing.

And finally, I have to ask this, when will Lightman tell Foster that her husband is lying to her? If I had to guess, I would say never, because let's face it, she knows he's lying to her. I mean she can tell when everyone else is lying to her, but she decides to ignore it on her husband. When she is ready to face the truth she'll see it herself. And if years of watching television have taught me anything is that Foster will at some point realize it, and I want to be there when that happens.

That's about it for tonight. What about you guys? Are there any cool expressions you enjoyed learning about? Were you able to apply some of the tricks you learned in the show in real life? Share your thoughts below.

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Feb 19, 2009 11:34PM EST

loved it. saw 90% of the twists coming, but only by minuets (pulling process of elimination of dramatic plots out). didn't see the gambling problem being taken care of as a wedding present, that threw me.
3 things; first, Lightman's handling of Foster's husband was perfect ("remember what i do for a living" and "not my place to mess with your personal life, but don't expect favors from me" at the same time). second, isn't the finger (origin in french archery) only a western culture emblem (granted western culture is almost globally known, but still)? third, Lightman seems to have no qualms about destroying the personal lives/comforts of who ever he comes across (except for the people he'll have to see again apparently).
AND NOW, place your bets, Forster's husband: Cheating, Gambling, Drugs or Other; what is he up to? (my moneys on drugs, cheating is too cliche)

Default avatar cat
Feb 23, 2009 11:56AM EST

considering he was on the phone saying I'll be there soon in that tone, I'm guessing cheating.
Unless he was talking to his heroin :P

Large 1323470045 slips
Feb 24, 2009 4:08AM EST

I don't think its any of the sort.It sound far-fetched, but I think he's a spy or similar.The real interesting thing, and this theory I have had since the pilot, that Lightman is in love with Foster. I wasn't sure until the ending (of ep 2 or 3) when Ria Torres catches him showing signs of shame when confronted about not 'outing' Foster's husband.I don't think its cheating, because that would be way too obvious.

Default avatar cat
Feb 24, 2009 1:28PM EST

I really enjoyed this episdoe to. I kind of have to agree with the finger thing being a western symbol, even North American as in European countries they have their own gesture for that. I am trying to do my best and not guess what Foster's husband is up to. I would like some suprises. I figured the bodygaurd son thing pretty quick, although not the past husband until they told us she was lying about her name. Then the photographer thing was pretty obvious. I do have to say though for those Tim Roth fans out there totally loved the little Ted the Bellhop moment he had after firing the gun. Classic Roth and I loved every minute of it.

Mar 5, 2009 2:32PM EST

I don't know what to say about Fosters husband. He'd be pretty dumb to keep this up for long knowing that her job is "catching" a lie. Cheating would be pretty obvious for real and I pray the writers are not going that route, spy is pretty cliche but can play well if they twist it. This episode had me going I don't try to guess anything, I just let it all flow cause I then I'd be bored of the show if I keep getting it right. I love this show and I can't get enough of it. I wonder if there is a profession out there for this?

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