Justified Episode 5: "The Lord of War and Thunder" Review

You can see, in "Lord of War and Thunder," what they were trying to do with the baseball stuff. Baseball is a huge thing between sons and fathers and what most dads would see as a tool for a game, Arlo saw a weapon. I think it was a little over-used in the episode and Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) said what was trying to be conveyed very well in the scene in his aunt's house with the vague metaphor about the green sky warning before a tornado.

"The Lord of War and Thunder" was an episode about many things we've wanted to learn about Raylan, but maybe what it did best was juxtapose Raylan and his dad. Arlo (Raymond J. Berry) is Raylan's father. He's an unkind man who likes to scam people. He's violent. He's just plain rude sometimes and fights unfair in others. He didn't do much to defend himself against criticism; rather, he's every bit the angry convict we were led to believe about him, up to and including the rent scam. I thought, and this was probably intentional, that Arlo was going to be the wanted man in this episode. Maybe he should've been.

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