Recap: "She's a Little Scared of Stick, But I Think She'll Be OK"

The action continues in Siberia, and the seven remaining teams battle for first place as they drive a snowplow, escort a bride to her groom, and run a mini-marathon in their skivvies - in frigid temperatures. Oh, and one team attempts to ditch two others. Want to find out who it is? Read on.

For the second week in a row, I wish I had had input in creating the challenges for the teams. Trying to spell Chekhov has nothing on my task at hand, which is verifying the spelling of the cities and theaters that everyone is traveling to. I'm pleased to report my pronunciations are not bungled as badly as the players. So, just as I got the hang of spelling Krasnoyarsk, the last Pit Stop, the seven remaining teams head off to the city of Novosibirsk by way of the Trans-Siberian Railroad. After their 400-mile excursion through the arctic region, they all are to find Punkt Tehnicheskogo Osmotra for their next clue. (In the U.S., we have our share of obstacles too. Not only is the spelling tricky, but traveling the Schuykill Expressway to work is my daily challenge.)

The playing field is leveled off since there is only one train departing late in the evening and all the teams will board that one. Mike comments that the last become first and the first become last. Proud papa Mel recognizes the bible quote and says "Thank, God. It's a miracle!" Some had no problem with the accommodations, but poor Kisha's feet hung over the end of the bed. And as Mike shares that he slept like "crap," Luke mocks him with his finger aping a fake tear rolling down his face. Always the quick-witted one, Mike comments that Luke creates a new archetype - "the sinister deaf kid".


Russian Snowplow required teams to drive to a stadium and take turns operating a monster snowplow. For three teams, the trek there showed where the camaraderie stood. Stopping to get directions at a gas station, Margie and Luke pull over with Jaime and Cara right behind them. They think the lawyer siblings are part of the posse, but Victor instead asked a cab driver for directions and took off. Hoping to stay ahead and not be left behind, Margie drives after Victor and directs Luke to watch for the girls. But Victor is not totally sure where he's going and stops for directions again. He pulls the same stunt yet again leaving with the directions, ditching mother, son and the two friends. Victor waves goodbye saying: "Sorry." I assume he was apologizing and not describing himself. Chastising Victor for this move is easy, but it's a tough call to make with a $1 million at stake. And you never know if you'd act differently than you think you would while at home watching, right?

Upon arrival, the three teams are neck and neck-and-neck as they take a few minutes determining which vehicle was the actual snowplow. Tammy said a Mercedes is the biggest vehicle she has ever driven. She and her brother are the first done and must drive to the largest library in Siberia, the Bibliotekah, where they'll search for their next clue.

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