Episode 6 Recap

Previously on The Bachelor, the final five bachelorettes went to Seattle to visit Jason in his pretend-houseboat (that is to say, it's a real houseboat, but probably not his since he actually lives in Kirkland, across the lake from Seattle). But this week on The Bachelor, the positions are reversed: Jason gets to visit the homes of Jillian, Melissa, Naomi and Molly.

The Bachelor begins with Jason saying good-bye to Ty once again. Poor kid. He's probably all disorientated, having to pretend to live in a houseboat and say good-bye to his dad for long stretches of time.

Jason muses on his six-week history with the four remaining women, beginning with Jillian. He interviews that their relationship started out really fun and light-hearted, but last week, he started getting concerned that she might not be as into him as he is into her. He says something preposterous about Molly next, like, he is glad that she trusted him enough to jump at the chance to spend the night with him, during their date in the tent on the front lawn. What? Yeah, I don't get that either.

Jason thinks that Naomi's best quality is her openness, but he's concerned that she might not be ready for his lifestyle. (The thing that is making this opening sequence ridiculous is that you can totally tell that Jason is reading his voiceovers off of cue cards. I bet the producers of The Bachelor are dictating all the pros and cons about the four women to him.) And then there's Melissa. He really likes her, but he's concerned that she might be too perfect.

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