How I Met Your Mother: Almost Everything You Need to Know About Robin Scherbatsky

How I Met Your Mother has devoted an entire episode to Robin Scherbatsky, the one character that fascinates me the most, next to Barney Stinson, in "Robin 101." And as the title connotes, we learn almost everything there is to know on how to date the show's Canadian tomboy, courtesy of Professor Ted Mosby.

Clearly Barney isn't boyfriend material so the episode takes off from that fact when Robin confides in Lily that she thinks Barney's cheating on her. Robin needs proof though and even when Lily reminds her that she is no crazy jealous stalker bitch, Robin still checks out the briefcase that Barney left behind and finds a college notebook inside--- which rouses her suspicions even more. But to her surprise, the notebook contains notes about her and sooner or later, Marshall cracks and reveals that Barney has been taking a Robin 101 class from former flame Ted.

You'd think it's weird but not in the case of Barney, who is unexpectedly working so hard to keep someone like Robin around, and Ted, who just wants to put his surprisingly vast knowledge of Robin in to good use. So what have we learned about Robin so far?

* The top Robin facial expressions and their meaning

* Robin is 29 but tells people she's 26

* Never cry in front of Robin

* Buy her butterscotch instead of chocolate if she has PMS

* Topics that will distract Robin from getting angry include the Vancouver Canucks' 2004 division title, proper gun cleaning and maintenance, and emperor penguins

* When Robin says "You're an idiot," it means she's saying "I love you."

* If she does say "I love you," she's already broken up with you in her mind.

* Robin's erogenous zones don't include her left knee.

* Never play the guess who game with her.

* Never show Robin a YouTube clip of an animal playing an instrument unless you want to see it a hundred times.

* The six simple words Robin wants from her dad: Robin I'm proud of you eh.

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