Completely Arbitrary Pre-Season Predicitions Part 1

Survivor: Tocantins, which premieres this Thursday on CBS, is the eighteenth season of Survivor. Wrap your face around that, America. Eighteen seasons, nearly a decade in, and Survivor remains popular, a staple of the CBS line-up, with no end in sight. Last fall's season, Survivor: Gabon, ranks among the show's best, a monumental feat given how long Survivor has been on the air, and was the first season to be filmed entirely in High-Definition. Survivor: Tocantins, set in the Brazilian Highlands, will also be presented in glorious HD, and the excitement is bubbling up deep within my loins. Still the best reality show on TV (save any arguments you might have - if you disagree, you are wrong), Survivor: Tocantins boasts an intriguing cast of beautiful people, seemingly likable people, along with a few wild cards. We have a Grammy nominee, the wife of a former NFL running back, a couple of models, a multi-millionaire and a bona fide cougar. With mere days before the premiere, it is that time again for I, Oscar Dahl, to make some totally arbitrary pre-season predictions. I've long been in the prognostication business, and though my failures have been miserable and fairly well-documented, I will not give up. I will never surrender. I think Jeff Probst would approve.

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