One Tree Hill: Looking For the Next Narrator

Why didn't I think about this?

An interesting question was posted on E! Online last night. Now that Chad Michael Murray's left One Tree Hill, who will be the one responsible for giving those thought-provoking voiceovers that bookend each episode?

Right, because in the times I've watched a One Tree Hill episode, whether on the telly or off other means, it's always been Lucas who'll say all those stuff and make my heart bleed. (I'm a sappy guy in a way, and those words still strike deep, if you know what I mean.) Sure, others have taken over narrating duties in some episodes, and some have shared the honor in one episode, but for the most part it's still Lucas, Lucas, and lots of Lucas.

The mostly likely scenario, the folks at E! said, is that the remaining regular characters will take turns doing voiceovers for the upcoming season of OTH. But that in itself is speculation: they also admit that nothing's been sketched up yet. So, here goes my hyperactive mind, taking a chance on thinking about just that. Who should be the next narrator?

Of course, my mind goes towards Nathan. It's a natural. Besides, Nathan and Lucas and half-brothers, and the way the last season wrapped up, you can tell that the show will inevitably focus on him. A stint with the Charlotte Bobcats is a treasure trove of thoughts, even if that might gravitate towards locker room cliches or something.

Maybe Haley? By association, that could happen. If I'm to push the point, I should mention Jamie, too. I wonder what he'll say on the narration.

Brooke? Maybe not so much, unless that new model character comes in and makes life complicated.

Maybe one of the new characters? I imagine Haley's older sister would have some hand in this. And, since I mentioned Nathan's Bobcats stint, maybe his agent Clayton would work nicely, too. But yeah, I'm just dropping more and more names to sound sensible--when all I'm saying is, I think it'll be Nathan. But, shrug, I'll get this wrong. Who knows, maybe they'll let go of the idea altogether.

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