'The Office' Finale Season 6, Episode 26 Recap: Bring Back the Flax

Another abrupt, jarring ending for The Office, and on its season finale too! We don't know what these guys were thinking but "Whistleblower" didn't feel like a season finale to us. It was OK for a mid-season episode -- there were some good laughs in between and a much-appreciated shout-out to Holly, but finales should leave us holding our breath 'til September, right?

So Jo (Kathy Bates) comes over to Scranton because the news of the printers catching fire leaked to the press. She is fuming mad, shows it, then she scream-asks who went to the frigging press. That's not how you fish out a guilty party, Jo. And as the psychopath who smashed James Caan's feet on Misery, you should know that.

Anyway: Everyone thinks it's Andy (Ed Helms), because he's been complaining about it all the time. Dwight (Rainn Wilson) gives Jo a list of people she should fire and they talk about alchemy and real estate.

Meanwhile, Darryl (Craig Robinson) comes clean to Michael (Steve Carell) and admits that he kind of let it slip to some woman in a bar. Then Pam (Jenna Fischer) reveals that she may have told someone from daycare, and Kelly (Mindy Kaling) thinks she may have tweeted and "woofed" about it. As you can imagine, this is all too much for Michael to bear.

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