The Office: Andy to Start Swinging Both Ways?

I don't know about you guys, but I started to smell something fishy when Andy (Ed Helms) and Oscar (Oscar Nunez) went on a business trip with Michael (Steve Carell) early this season on The Office. On the episode, Andy tried to get Oscar get laid, while they both drunk dialed Angela.

I'm not sure if there were outright signs or I was just suspicious of these things, but then the idea sounded preposterous because Andy was engaged and hell-bent on marrying Angela (Angela Kinsey). However, when the wedding didn't happen and Andy had to go to all those honeymoons on his own, you got to wonder if something changed within him.

The new promo of The Office didn't help. One of the rumors was that Andy is gay. Or rather, turned gay. Or maybe he was gay all along and it took one Angela to get it out.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Andy will find himself "wrestling with the very real possibility that he likes both girls and boys." I remember Andy describing Oscar then as "delightful." I'm not sure if going on all those honeymoon trips alone shook something within him.

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