'America's Got Talent': Arcadian Broad is FOOTLOOSE!

The other night on "America's Got Talent" we have the first-ever Wild Card spots. They are totally spontaneous and not at all planned!

As you'll recall from last week, Simon Cowell called the judges about their Top 40. Apparently he gave them a list of acts to reconsider and 8 of them were given Wild Card spots. So instead of 10 acts, we have twelve (because 2 were added to each week). The acts are The Diva League, the Lake Houston Dance troupe, Thia Megia, the Platt Brothers, Arcadian Broad, Acrodunk, Grandma Lee, Mosaic, Breaksk8, Drew Thomas Magic, Manuela Horn, and Kevin Skinner. The Diva League and Lake Houston Dance are the Wild Cards. Check here for a list of the entire Top 40 semi-final acts (obviously no Wild Cards).

Nick welcomes us and welcomes the judges, who take the stage to some very Emperor from Star Wars music. Are they going to fight in a gladiator arena? My money would be on Sharon Osbourne. They also tell us that the acts can be buzzed off, even though our votes can still keep the act there. Was it that way last year? I can't remember. The Top 5 move on to the next round.

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