Episode 5 "Shape Shifters" Recap

Last week on The Fashion Show, Andrew Christian was sent home due to his uninspired designs. This week Reco claims that Lidia should have gone home because she lacks craftsmanship. He also points out that Andrew was great eye candy. Now what are we supposed to look at?

The Harper's Bazaar min-challenge this week is about attention to detail. Isaac Mizrahi and Laura Brown tell the designers that they'll have to create a sketch using only their memory. Kelly Rowland removes the Isaac Mizrahi dress from the room then Isaac throws them a curveball and tells them they'll actually sketching Kelly's dress. Haven's confident but a lot of the other designers weren't paying attention. Keith, for instance, was paying attention to her hair. Johnny R. was paying attention to her belt. Daniella blames James-Paul's dress. Laura thinks that Johnny R, Daniella and Lidia had the best sketches. Daniella, the complainer, wins. She'll get to place one of the designers in the bottom three.

This week's elimination challenge is about designing real clothes for real women. At the New York Model Management office, the employees will be the models. James-Paul evidently doesn't do "normal" well. The designers are suppose to emphasize the good features of the models and "fix" their problem areas. When given his model, James-Paul compares himself to Jesus Christ. They'll be getting a $200 budget. Daniella's model doesn't like her very much and it's probably because Daniella is cold. So Daniella's just going to do her own thing. Haven's model likes her butt so she's going to emphasize it.

As soon as the models leave, the designers get to padding their mannequins and complaining about the "real women." Daniella even fake cries. Then she even admits that Merlin is her number one choice for her "bottom 3" pick. Angel, Keith and Reco all seem okay with the full sized models. Reco even gets right to cutting.

Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland come by to check on the designers and Isaac is the only one talking again. Daniella calls her girl "bigger" and Isaac Mizrahi tells her that she's "sizest." When they leave for their recap, they are concerned that Merlin's using tweed.

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