The Bachelorette: Final 3 Questions Remain After Rejected "Men Tell All"

The Other Night in the "Men Tell All" episode of The Bachelorette certainly laid to rest some issues remaining from the season, allowing long-gone contestants like David, Juan, Jake, and Tanner F. to get their final say about what turned out to be a very controversial season of the seminal dating show. Though Wes wasn't there to defend himself, ABC certainly made their opinion clear on the matter: snakes make for great ratings, until they vow to fight back. Then it's just best to keep them as far away as possible.

Of course, the whole two hour special is just an elaborate way to promote and delay the finale episode of The Bachelorette next Monday, when Jillian will choose between Ed and Kiptyn... and Reid! That's right, anyone who caught the promo for Monday night's Hawaiian drama caught surefire, visible proof that Jillian's third choice would be making one last attempt to win her over... ring in hand. This development promises to befuddle the Canadian love-seeker, who dismissed him because she thought he wouldn't commit.

But Jillian isn't the only one who's confused. After obsessively following what I believe is the most dramatic (and thus ridiculously scripted) season of the series to date, I still have lots of questions about these final three men. What does each of their edits say about their chances of winning her heart? Who is Jillian's top choice--and does he feel the same? Which man, if any, seems best poised to fill the shoes of the "best friend forever" Jillian has been looking for?

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