Episode Recap: Top 13 Perform

The Top 13 take the big stage at last, and the stakes have been raised. Since there are 13 contestants this time around, Simon announced that two hopefuls will be eliminated Wednesday night instead of one.

Yo, dawgs! Massive thanks to Mickey and Adam for covering for me while I was out sick. It's good to be back after a week, and what a week it was! The wild card show (or farce as I like to call it) brought us an extra Idol to the gang, making this the first Top 13 in competition history. Can I just say that I'm really upset that Jesse and Felicia did not make the cut? I used to really dig Megan, but it's clear to me that Jesse and Felicia (and Mishavonna for that matter) all have stronger voices, and just as much commercial appeal. And, don't even get me started on Tatiana being allowed to waste a wild card slot! And what the heck is with her Whitney Houston fetish? But, what's done is done, so let's move on to tonight's performances!

Hold on, can we just pause for a moment to mock the cheesetastic introduction of the judges? The stage opens to an awkward looking Randy, Kara and Paula - and Simon, of course, loving the attention - as all four walk out to their seats before a screaming crowd. At least Ryan has the sense to make fun of Simon for being an attention whore. Once the crowd settles, Simon informs the contestants and the audience that two people will be eliminated tomorrow night. Ouch! Tonight's theme: Michael Jackson.

Lil Rounds

Lil's tackling "The Way You Make Me Feel," and she sounds great. She knows how to work the stage and the song. But can I suggest she ditch the '90s-style, high-waisted white pants? Randy says that was the way to start off the night, and she made the song new again with her bluesy vibe. Kara thinks the other contestants will say "Uh-oh, I need to step that up!" Paula (I hope that bird on her shoulder doesn't attack her) compliments her on the soft palette of her outfit and makeup (Oh, shut up). Simon actually tells her she made a lazy song choice, the second half was better than the first and he hates what she's wearing. I agree with Simon, but I think the other contestants should definitely step it up based on her performance.

Scott MacIntyre

Scott finally gets some time behind the piano with his version of "Keep the Faith." Don't get me wrong, I think Scott is so sweet and a lovely artist, but compared to some of the other talent on the show, he's just not up to snuff. Will that hurt him in the competition? Probably not, since he's so darn likable. This particular song is super boring in the beginning but really picks up in the end. Kara is glad we get to see the piano-playing side of Scott and loves that he picked a song with a hopeful message. She admits he's not the most dynamic performer, but she clearly doesn't care. Paula says the composer of the song (who was in the audience) would have loved his version. Simon says he must apologize to the composer because he hated the song. Ha! He explains to Scott that he likes him and his piano playing, but hated the song. Randy says the performance was too safe for him and wants to see some sparks next time around.

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