Recap: "Week 10"

Just two weeks ago, the teams were divided into Black and Blue, but it's already time for another twist-eroo. But first, we need to see the results of Mike's weigh-in. He has to lose more than nine pounds, or else one member from each team goes home. Can he do it?

He sure can! Mike loses 11 pounds, guaranteeing all the players one more week on the ranch. But it's not all fun and games. Only minutes after learning that they'd be safe another week, the contestants are summoned to the courtyard to meet Alison who announces that Week 10 starts now. "Forget the yellow line, this week is one-on-one," she says. So what exactly does that mean? A pop challenge determines who gets to choose who faces off against whom in the weigh-in. Win your face-off and your team gets a point; first team to three wins. The pop challenge is simple enough: Each person does a wall-sit and whoever lasts the longest wins. Kristin from Blue sits out due to unexplained medical reasons, so Black elects Sione and Helen to not participate to even up the numbers. Within the first 25 seconds, Ron is out. Then Cathy and Aubrey falter, leaving Mandi as the sole Blue competitor. Filipe and Mike soon drop with Laura shortly behind. Mandi eventually gives out and Tara from Black is victorious yet again. She immediately accepts the pen and paper and works out the match-ups.

Tara decides to pit Mike against Cathy, the youngest player versus a grandma, with a 31-year age difference. Next she pairs Sione with Mandi, the strongest from each team. She puts Filipe up against Kristin, who doesn't look happy, but he surely is. He tells her, "You're going down, you big blueberry." I thought these cheesy stare-downs were funny. Tara also matches Helen against Ron, a guaranteed point for Black in most people's minds. Lastly, she pairs Laura and Aubrey, leaving herself out of the equation.

In the gym, Filipe begins his workout in a great mood, joking around as he taunts Kristin. Has anyone noticed that while he's losing pounds, he's gaining some hair on his head? Anyway, he starts to get irritated as the time passes and Jillian seems to ignore him. He starts to feel alone without Bob, especially when the workout ends and Jillian leaves having not trained him. Filipe is mad, and we later see what happens when he reaches his boiling point.

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