Recap As The World Turns: Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Emily has found Barbara tied up in the wine cellar. She toys with her little bit, teasing her about it being nice with Barbara bound and gagged. Iris finds this scene and knocks Emily over the head with a wine bottle. She then ties Emily to Barbara. Emily reveals to Barbara that Henry and Vienna are no longer together and Henry has been spending all his time trying to find her. BarbaraĆ¢€™s faith is renewed. Gwen calls the hospital to know when to pick Iris up but hears that there is no AA meeting at Memorial today. Iris implicates Emily in BarbaraĆ¢€™s kidnapping.

Luke and Reid go for dinner at Metro. Luke talks about Noah, and Reid is uncomfortable at that. Later, Alison sides with Luke that Noah has been a big part of his life and Reid will have to accept hearing about him. Noah is moving to LA in September. Meanwhile at Metro, Chris asks Reid to give him an injection and he does so in the restroom. Katie later complains to Reid that Chris has been hot and cold with her. Reid asks her to be patient, while having already encouraged Chris to reveal the truth to her tonight.

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