V Episode 4 - Recap: "It's Only the Beginning"

Erica works with newly-formed allies to uncover a biological threat they suspect the Visitors have been plotting. Aboard the Mothership, Anna meets with a special guest while managing the investigation into the murder of a V. And Chad does a segment on the V Healing Centers, demonstrating their amazing medical abilities, but then finds himself conflicted by some of his findings.

Let us begin...

11 minutes into the show...

The show starts off with Georgie lying on the ground in some parking garage and Erica coming to his aid. From the shadows emerges Ryan holding a gun, the barrel of which is pointed straight at Erica. A moment later, Ryan pulls the trigger. Now, we are to presume he's shooting at Erica, but my guess is he was probably shooting a V or someone else in the vicinity. Guess we'll see since we're informed that this happens 14 hours in the future. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of these kind of set ups since most of the time the pay-off is cheesy and gimmicky. I hope that's not the case in this episode.

So...14 hours earlier we see Ryan, Georgie, Father Jack and Erica talking about fighting the Vs back at Father Jack's church - the last place we saw them. Erica, who doesn't even trust her own son (although would you?), is already suspicious of Ryan. She continues to ask him how he knows so much about the Vs, but Ryan avoids giving her a straight answer time after time. A plot point wiggles its way to the surface though when Georgie suggests capturing a V and cutting it open for the whole world to see. Why is this a plot point you ask? Because when Georgie and Ryan leave the church, Ryan scolds Georgie and says he never wants to hear him say anything about skinning a V ever again. Ever. It must not be a jolly time getting that done. Or maybe Ryan isn't fully with the humans.

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