LIE TO ME ''Headlock'' Review Season 2, Episode 18

I feel like we really got to see how much the team respects Cal in tonight's episode of LIE TO ME, titled Headlock. Because when everyone finds out that he's connected to a murder victim and will end up as a suspect, all of them do whatever it takes, even at the possible expense of their jobs, to help him. Torres cuts Cal's image out of some incriminating video and even Agent Reynolds lies to his boss in order to hide the fact that it's Cal's DNA that's under the victim's nails. You don't do that sort of thing unless you really care for someone and respect them and I'm also sure Cal would do the same for any of them.

After dancing around the FBI and keeping them off his own tail, Cal finally helps to nab the actual murderer, with the help of the agent in charge of the case. No small feat, considering the two of them have some history there and don't really like each other all that much.

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