SHERLOCK (BBC) ''The Great Game'' Review Episode 3

Do you ever feel like you’ve missed an important memo? That’s the sensation I had watching the end of this week’s episode of SHERLOCK, 'The Great Game', which was also the series one finale. The problem is that it contained a potential series-worth of plot.

There were five(ish) cases this week. Six if you include the case of Andrew West and the USB Drive given to them by Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock’s secretive and antagonising older brother. The first five all involve clues sent to Sherlock’s mobile phone (a pink number reminiscent of the one in A Study in Pink, which was sent to the police station for him). As Sherlock races to solve the clues (and, incidentally, save the life of innocent civilians), he must also try and figure out what connects each case and thus reveal the identity of the antagonist.

The episode starts with Sherlock visiting a murderer in a Minsk jail. He claims that killing his girlfriend was an accident. Sherlock doesn’t seem convinced, even after the murderer corrects his own grammar in an attempt to please Sherlock. He leaves the man to his fate. And that, it seems, is the end of that case. I’m still not entirely sure what we were supposed to get from this scene.

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