True Blood: "Night on the Sun" Review Season 3, Episode 8

Things got freakin' awesome and nasty at the end of "Night on the Sun," a remarkably intense episode, as the scene-stealing King Russell lead a werewolf assault on Miss. Stackhouse. We're still not sure what kind of powers Russell, or his minions, could gain from Sookie's magical blood, and we haven't been specifically told what she is, but it's clear that Russell needs her now more than ever. After killing the Magister ("@#$% the authority!"), Russell foolishly thinks that he can buy his way out of trouble with the AVL - but having an army of amped-up, glow vamps would probably come in handy too. Perhaps she holds the secret to day-walking. Who knows? I'm not sure why Debbie didn't turn into a wolf to try and kill Sookie, but the balls-out girlfight was much appreciated. Especially the gruesome half-"Glasgow smile" that Sookie wound up inflicting on Debbie with some scissors.

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