David Goyer Talks Ghost Rider 2

Frosty over at Collider spoke to David S. Goyer the other day about his new TV show, FlashForward (yes, that is how it's officially titled; yes, that is annoying). But he also took the time to talk to Goyer about the just-announced Ghost Rider 2.

Goyer confirmed that he'll be producing the Nicolas Cage-starring sequel, which will see cursed stunt biker Johnny Blaze return with his flaming-skulled Spirit of Vengeance alter-ego firmly in tow. I'm coming on as a producer, and we're basically doing a polish of my nine year-old script, said Goyer, referring to the script he wrote years ago for Stephen Norrington to direct, before Mark Steven Johnson came on board and took the Rider in a quirkier direction.

Goyer's original script was definitely written as a hard R, added the writer, arguably the finest comic book movie scribe out there, with Blade and Batman Begins on his CV (we'll ignore Blade Trinity, shall we?). ''It was a Blade-type film. Now they want it to be PG-13. But The Dark Knight has come out and I like to say that it was skirting the bleeding edge of PG-13, so people's concepts of what a PG-13 movie could be [have changed].

Goyer didn't spill any story points, but if it adheres to his original script for Ghost Rider, expect things to get very weird very quickly, with the demon Zarathos running around, causing havoc in the swampy locales of Louisiana. For a not-entirely-favourable IGN review of that script, from 2000, click here.

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