Hail to the Chiefs: A Final Salute to the Presidents of 24

After eight very long days, the many presidents featured on 24 are a complicated bunch. From David Palmer to Charles Logan to Allison Taylor, the drama series has created some of the most multilayered leaders ever to occupy the White House. We look back on the presidents who led the free world in which Jack Bauer allows us to live.

President David Palmer, Day 2 and Day 3

Presidential candidate Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) survived an assassination attempt against him in Day 1 to take over the White House in Day 2. As president, Palmer brought Jack back to CTU, but also had to deal with a nuclear bomb threat and his brief removal from office thanks to the efforts of his vice president. In Day 3, Palmer's re-election hopes were on the line when Stephen Saunders used the Cordilla virus to hold the country hostage. After his one term in office and surviving not one, but two assassination attempts, Palmer was murdered in the opening moments of Season 5.

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