Ghost Whisperer: Preview of Episode 5.2 "See No Evil"

Ever had one of those emails with emotionally manipulative stories that urge you to forward a number of copies and pass them on to as many recipients as possible? I don't know about you but I find chain letters annoying especially when it involves the exploitation of superstition to threaten the recipient with bad luck, physical violence or even death if he or she "breaks the chain" and refuses to adhere to the conditions set out in the letter. In tonight's Ghost Whisperer, we get a taste of this kind of hoax in the episode called "See No Evil."

When a chain email goes viral in Grandview, Melinda attempts to get to the bottom of the mystery especially when several citizens turn up dead after breaking the chain. At the same time, Ned makes out with a girl named Brianna but a disturbance in campus leads them to make a terrifying discovery. And since both of them know about Melinda's gift, they call Melinda instead of the cops.

Sooner or later, Ned and Brianna speculate that one of Brianna's friends is to blame for what happened, particularly the recently deceased Gwen Collier, who is causing the haunting. Evidently, Gwen blamed Brianna for her boyfriend dumping her after Brianna told Gwen's boyfriend that she made out with another guy. This led to a huge brawl but they didn't reconcile before Gwen was killed.

When we last saw Ghost Whisperer, we met Melinda and Jim's son, Aiden, and witnessed his gift of empathy and his ability to see spirits as he turned 5 years old. Will we see more of Aiden's powers? And how is the chain email connected to the ghost of Gwen Collier? Find out tonight at 8pm on CBS.

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