The Pillars of the Earth: "Battlefield" Review Episode 4

Four years have gone by since the last episode of The Pillars of the Earth, and quite a bit has changed. King Stephen has Maud's Lincoln Castle under siege and her people are starving. William's father is dead by his mother's hand. Richard has made a name for himself fighting for the king and Aliena has become a successful wool merchant. Now, normally I'm not a fan of the time jump technique, but in "Battlefield," we're thrown so swiftly and skillfully into the story that it wasn't at all jarring. Pillars continues to be one of the best new shows this year and I'm still hoping they plan to continue with the sequel, World Without End.

Yes, Pillars is based on an incredibly well written novel, but it's the casting that is pushing this show into the stratosphere. Sarah Parish is so creepy and menacing as Regan Hamleigh that you can't help but clench your fists in anticipation of the murder she's about to commit. And her kiss with her son makes you shudder in horror. It's stunning, especially after seeing Parish's recent comic turn in Merlin. Regan has done everything she can to push her son to the forefront and when she finds her plans foiled by a mysterious knight...well, even knowing what's going to happen doesn't save you from the suspense.

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