Eureka: "Crossing Over" Review Season 4, Episode 5

Ah, love has come to Eureka! In this week's episode, "Crossing Over," there are flirtations and kissing galore. Oh, and some science stuff as well. Warehouse 13's Claudia came to town to collect some protective goo and continued a flirtation she's had going since Fargo paid a visit to her show earlier this week. Carter expressed his jealousy over Grant's continued pursuit of Alison and Henry is starting to fall in love with his wife. Time travel certainly adds spice to a relationship.

Grant was certainly laying on the charm this week, and considering that James Callis seems to have buckets of it, I imagine Alison is going to have a hard time resisting. Grant was smoking more than the cast of Mad Men and Alison fitted him with a device that sent nanobots into his body to attack the nicotine. It also zapped him every time he took a puff. (Something my TV watching companion/smoker was terribly jealous of.) Their flirtation was like watching a forties drama. In fact, each of the love stories this week were cleverly played like a different style film. Henry's resisting of Grace's advances and finally giving in could have been a heartwarming chick flick. And Claudia and Fargo, a quippy, quirky romantic comedy.

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