The Biggest Loser Episode 10: Week 10 - Recap

It's makeover week on The Biggest Loser and once again Tim Gunn, as well as Tabitha Coffey, were on hand to help. So who made it one step further to the finale? Keep reading to find out.

Each contestant had their own private wardrobe consultation with Project Runway mentor Tim Gunn. Once they choose their outfits, it's time to head to the salon for more of their transformation. Rebecca is nervous that with her round face she shouldn't chop off her hair, but Tabitha insists she has a round face no more. Rudy is also nervous about the scissors - he's adamant about keeping his facial hair.

Once the makeovers are complete, the contestants must each give their own motivational speech to about 300 audience members. Talk about nerve-racking. But to ease them on stage, Tim surprises each person with a member, or a few members, of their family. Rebecca, looking stunning, reunites with her sister. It's clear that the two are close. Danny, in a lovely argyle sweater-vest, gets to see his wife and kids. "I've only had a fat dad for my whole life," his daughter says. Allen dashingly comes out in a suit and is greeted by his wife and daughter. Amanda looks gorgeous and gets to see her mom. Rudy, who got rid of the facial hair, sees his wife, daughter, and adorable baby. And finally, Liz, in an animal print dress, reunites with her husband and daughter.

The speeches are heartwarming. Allen talks about being a firefighter who fears for his own life and that he won't be able to do his job of saving others. Danny talks about his daughter as she hysterical cries from the audience. Rudy discusses how his eating issues came about when he was 12, around the time his big sister was diagnosed with cancer. In the audience, Jillian turns to Bob and asks him if he knew about that. He did not. Amanda bravely talks about how she didn't have any tragedy that caused her weight gain but instead simply didn't do anything to stop the gain. Rebecca talks about being the chubby friend and sister while Liz makes jokes about how she constantly blamed her ill-fitting clothes on the dryer.

This week's challenge takes the contestants to new heights - literally. They must make it over a canyon, hanging 200 feet in the air. The winner will receive a two-week trip to The Biggest Loser resort at Fitness Ridge. After a major freak-out courtesy of Liz, Rudy wins. And once they reached the other side of the canyon they were able to release the new and improved murals of themselves over the old ones.

Back on campus, Jillian reminds everybody that they haven't worked out as much this week due to the makeovers. Bob pulls Allen aside and wonders why he's not winning all the challenges as he's the most in shape at this point. Allen admits he's been playing the game somewhat, so as to not appear to be a threat, but also tells Bob he's not compromising his focus. Jillian, meanwhile, brings says to Rudy, "Funny, I didn't know your sister died." She's upset that he didn't mention it before and then is able to dig deep when he finally opens up.

At the weigh-in, Danny scored double digits for the sixth week in a row with a 12-pound loss (3.8 percent reduction). Rudy lost a whopping 16 pounds (4.94 percent) which lead him to becoming the person to lose the most amount of weight in 10 weeks. Allen lost 5 pounds (2.06 percent); Rebecca 3 pounds (1.44 percent); Liz 3 pounds (1.46 percent). And Amanda finally pulled a big number - 9 pounds (4.46 percent).

So Liz and Rebecca fall below the yellow line. Liz asks her fellow competitors, "Who's going to push you?" but doesn't put up much more of a fight than that. Rebecca takes a different approach and asks to speak with Rudy and Allen alone since they're the most undecided. She pleads with them and mentions that Liz has been up for elimination three times and has gotten her second chance; Rebecca asks for her.

Amanda, of course, votes out Liz. But with Danny and Rudy both writing Rebecca's name down, it's final that Rebecca will be going home. For the first time in awhile, there's a bit of an argument after voting. Rudy claims that Rebecca was always in Black team meetings and played both sides of the fence. Rebecca wonders why he never told her that before and gets upset.

Upon her return home, Rebecca tosses out her old clothes and is proud that she gets to be "in the driver's seat" of her life now. And today? Well in her "where are they now" segment she completed a half-marathon in 2 hours, 22 minutes.

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