'The Amazing Race' Season 16, Episoe 10 Recap: Gone With The Wind

The Amazing Race may have been off last week, but in reality it's just a 12-hour pit stop. I can't blame you if the waiting felt very long, though. And I don't have much to worry about, because it pretty much came back with a bang. Well, at least one of the two Roadblocks were. Yes, there were two Roadblocks in one leg--a first for the show.

Fashionable cowboys: And I'm glad to say that the cowboys have got a leg-up on this leg, even if Cord admits to being intimidated with the sprawling metropolis that is Shanghai, China. I thought they'd have some difficulty with this leg the way they encountered some snags in Singapore, but they're really breaking out of the shell now.

Roadblock one brings them to the village of Zhujiajiao, also known as the "Venice of China", where they'll have to create a kilo of noodles by hand. That was a breeze for Jet. Roadblock two brings them to the Hongkou Football Stadium, where they have to solve a huge puzzle and distribute the arranged pieces to spectators by the bleachers, who will point them to the next clue. Despite the wind blowing Cord kept his cool and kept smart, using chairs to weigh everything down.

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