'White Collar' - 'Copycat Caffrey' Recap Season 2, Episode 3

Shows like 'White Collar,' if they last long enough, have to hit a lot of basic plots. An episode where the hero or heroes find themselves in the middle of a bank robbery, an episode where the hero or a loved one is kidnapped, one where they're trapped in a storm, one where the hero is fired or quits, and maybe one where the hero goes blind or can't walk (and then miraculously can see/walk at the end of the episode).

Tonight's episode had Neal infiltrating a school. Sure, it's been done before and will be done again, but this was actually one of the better stand-alone episodes we've seen in a while.

I love TV shows and movies and books about con men and their various tricks. This plot reminded me of the movie '21,' with a teacher leading a group of thieves, only with art theft and not Vegas gambling. I thought it was a nice touch that the con man was conned by the other con, Caffrey thinking that he and the team had pulled off a nice trick but having the case stolen out of the back of the school locker. Note to people on TV shows: If you're leaving something valuable in a locker or a box or a closet or something similar, check the back!

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