Recap Mercy: Season 1, Episode 9 - Some of Us Have Been to the Desert

A meeting at the VA Halfway House is already underway when Veronica rushes in to sit next to Gerald. As punishment for her tardiness, Gerald volunteers Veronica to speak. Veronica reluctantly stands to explain that ever since she returned from Iraq, her reactions have been a little out of proportion. Her marriage is ending and it's her fault, and the doctor she had an affair with is seeing someone else. So all the men are gone, and she's living with her parents. On the bright side, Veronica has decided to take a break from drinking. Still, when she was in Iraq she knew just what to do; now she's freaking clueless.

Determined to continue his War on Death, Harris doggedly performs CPR on an elderly patient. After 20 minutes, Klowden prevails upon him to call time of death and sign off on the death certificate. When the pen doesn't work, Harris freaks out and kicks a laundry bag, slipping and falling onto his back. Klowden laughs, but it's no longer funny when Harris can't move his legs.

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