Memphis Beat Episode Recap: "Run On" Episode 6

This week's episode focuses on the gruesome pummeling of a popular local boxer, Honey Boy, and the suspicion that falls on those who appear to benefit from his demise. As most of the precinct sniffs out this latest case, Det. Sutton follows a more personal matter of his own.

We open on a good ol' drunken karaoke scene with Sutton at the mic, joined quickly by all the boys (Dwight, Whitehead and Greenback) singing ZZ Top's "I Thank You" at the top of their lungs. (Didn't I just say I wanted to karaoke with them?!) The good times are interrupted by a classic boys-will-be-boys misunderstanding (Sutton and Greenback were horsing around - what a matchup!) and one of the locals accidentally receives a punch, resulting in a storm of thrown punches, chairs and glasses before everyone settles down in time for the boys to finish their song!

Post bar room brawl, we see a sleek Porsche rolling into a gas station, the driver of which is on the phone with his lady friend. Another car pulls in blinding his vision and when he confronts this person, he gets the beating of his life. The next shot of him is of him bloodied and in a neck brace on the way to the hospital. As Dwight and Whitehead arrive on the scene we learn it's Wendall "Honey Boy" Taylor, a local boxing champ. After Dwight quizzes the clerk for clues, he finds it hard to believe that a local hero gets beaten up and no one sees it.

At the precinct, they speak with Billy, Honey Boy's tall-drink-of-water girlfriend, who's pregnant with his child. Apparently Honey Boy had just retired at the ripe old age of 28-years-old so that he wouldn't end up with boxing-induced brain damage. "God can't be that twisted," replies Dwight realizing that this attack may have caused that very thing.

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