Recap Mercy: Season 1, Episode 11 - We're All Adults

Nick has been working nights, annoying Sonia; stake-out duty is wreaking havoc on their sex life. But what's more upsetting to Sonia is Nick's gun, which he insists on leaving around the apartment. Nick thinks that Sonia needs to go shooting to get familiar with guns, but as a nurse, Sonia already knows plenty about what guns can do. At the hospital, Klowden assigns Angel and Veronica to work the isolation ward. A pair of college roommates, Lilly and Samantha, is coming in with meningitis, which could be fatal if not treated early.

Gillian gets Lilly and Samantha's treatment started, as they wonder how they could have possibly contracted meningitis. Lilly wonders if it happened when they were making out at a party the other night? Angel and Veronica grill their respective patients. Could either of them have infected someone else? Both girls immediately think of Samantha's boyfriend Nathan, whom Lilly has also been sleeping with on the sly. Angel decides he's in soap opera heaven.

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