Recap Mercy: Season 1, Episode 12 - Wake Up Bill

The nurses are just enjoying some of Angel's boyfriend's amazing pastries when the guy everyone calls "Still Bill" is rolled onto the floor. Ten years ago, scaffolding fell on Bill and he's been in a vegetative state ever since, living upstairs in the long-term care unit. The nurses love him because he's always smiling, and he doesn't talk back. Since they all want Bill as a patient, they shoot for it. Veronica wins and decides it's high time that Bill had a shave.

Simone has been bunking at Sands' place and gotten herself a job at Delancey's, and there's a decidedly uncomfortable lack of privacy around the apartment. When Gillian spies Simone testing out her lip gloss, she gives it to her. While walking to the car with Sands, Gillian spies a little kitten. She can't have pets at her apartment, but decides that they'll adopt it together. Despite his doubtful look, little MCAT will be the newest resident of Sands' apartment.

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