Recap Mercy: Season 1, Episode 13 - Can we talk about the gigantic elephant in the Ambula

Sonia is late to work and struggling to find her gloves in the wake of moving chaos. She has to catch the bus to the train to Short Hills, or she'll be an hour late like she was yesterday. A knock at the door reveals cute pregnant neighbors Noah and Sarah, who have come bearing cookies to welcome Sonia and Nick to the building. When Sarah claims everyone who moves into the building gets pregnant within six months, Nick answers his ringing phone. Lauren has sent a car to pick up Sonia, and it's waiting downstairs.

Spying Sands and Gillian flirting, Veronica hides in the meds room where Chloe works. Veronica is just explaining that she threw herself at Sands and he said no, when a guy interrupts. It's his first day and he needs a password to check labs -- can he use one of theirs? After ignoring him at first, Veronica says no. When he insults her, she lays into him -- why would she give him access to everyone's medical records!? Introducing himself as Dr. Joe Briggs, the new chief of ICU, Briggs takes off. Chloe offers her password, but it's too late; Briggs thinks she's a collaborator.

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