Royal Pains Review: Season 1, Episode 9 - It's Like Jamals Vu All Over Again

Hank is helping Jill with a horse show charity for her clinic. Divya's parents are in town and she is hiding her job from them. Charlie, Jill's husband is back in town. Hank treats a girl rider who is going to great lengths to win for her father.

Not really that good an episode. It sort of misses something or at least most of the parts don't work 100%. I enjoy the characters like always. I think it must have been the stories.

Hank treats a girl who is having unidentified problems and suspects the father of doping her. In reality it is actually the girl doping herself much like a Boston Legal episode from last year.

Divya is forced to come out of the closet per se when her father is stung by a wasp and blacks out. She saves his life but the price is them finding out she is a Physician Assistant. Of course Evan who was warned by Hank to stay out of it really was the one to spill the beans, but what do you expect. It's Evan. After all of this she blithely agrees when they say it won't be long until she's married and in London. Boy was that aggravating. Not a good storyline. I hope they don't hang this one on us for a long time. Off topic for a second. Why are they doing all the publicity for this show using Paulo Costanzo? He is a fine actor but his character is annoying at best. I'm sure the producers and writers must have got the message by now. Maybe not?

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