Royal Pains Review: Season 1, Episode 12 - Wonderland

Divya is scheduled to have her engagement made official. Hank must treat the owner of the place where the engagement is taking place. Evan is acting even stranger than usual and it's about the money. Jill is trying to decide about Charlie.

So here's the season finale. After twelve very good episodes we have to wait till sometime next summer for one of the most popular new series to come along in years? Nine months? Most people may not even remember this show was on by then!

Not a great finale but unlike most episodes of Royal Pains this one had a little more intrigue. There was a lot of misdirected information situations, characters not revealing their true feelings, and some real solid angst involved in the episode and they didn't even deal with Boris' illness really at all!

Divya dreams a little version of her engagement party where she finally stands up to everyone and does not go through with it. Of course that was just a dream and I guess I am at a loss in this day and age why this is just impossible for her to do. I think it's suppose to be just plain fear.

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