'Boston Med' premiere review: It was no 'Grey's Anatomy,' and thank goodness for that

Boston Med, which began an eight-week run Thursday night, is the right antidote to goofy-bad summer TV like Wipeout, Scoundrels, Rookie Blue - basically everything else ABC and the other networks is airing during the steamy months. The series follows life and death, bravery and foolishness, in three Boston hospitals: Massachusetts General, Children's Hospital, and Brigham and Women's Hospital. Yes, it's a documentary; yes, it sometimes played like soap opera, but a first-class soap opera, none of this maudlin yet over-the-top Grey's Anatomy stuff.

This night, we met people like Pina Patel, completing a fourth-year residency and struggling to overcome an essentially modest personality to assert her will and command of an emergency room. There was Daniel Dibar Dibardino, a wiseguy surgeon who'd be irritating if he wasn't so good. Oh, he was irritating anyway, but when he attempted to pull off a double-lung transplant, that didn't mean I wasn't rooting for him.

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