Recap Robin Hood: Season 2, Episode 12 - A Good Day to Die

Much has arranged a birthday surprise for Robin - a party in Nettlestone barn. Unfortunately, the real surprise is the mercenaries awaiting them. Djaq's ingenuity manages to stave off an initial attack with a pig's head stuffed with black powder, but they soon realise that Ellingham, the mercenary leader, will wait until the starving outlaws are forced to emerge.

At the castle, Guy tells Marian that he is going away and refuses to inform her where. She is suspicious that he and the Sheriff are heading for the Holy Land and tries to find Robin at the camp to warn him, but he is not there. She tries to persuade Alan to help her, but when that also fails she knocks him out, steals his sword and takes matters into her own hands. She attempts to kill the Sheriff but is caught. Gisbourne is forced to reveal that he knew that Marian was the Nightwatchman. The Sheriff, furious, declares that Marian cannot be left behind to cause trouble and quite delightedly tells her that Robin Hood and his friends will be dead by the time they reach their destination.

Back at the barn, aware that they may not come out of the battle alive, the outlaws share secrets; a Kalila and Dimna Night, suggested by Djaq. Truths tumble out as Djaq and Will confess their love for each other, Little John speaks about his family and Much confesses that he feels unappreciated and misses the days when he and Robin were like brothers. Robin eventually admits that the reason he doesn't talk about his and Much's time in the Holy Land is that Much can handle the memories and Robin cannot. He talks of his love for Marian.

The Sheriff and Gisbourne head for the Holy Land with Marian as their prisoner. Whilst the Sheriff and Guy sleep, Alan is restless and goes to see Marian, who is locked up in the stables. Alan takes his horse and races off back to Nettlestone to warn the gang of the Sheriff's plans. The Sheriff discovers this and alert Gisborne, telling him that Alan is of no further use to them and only the two of them will share the glory of killing King Richard. He also pays Marian a visit, furiously snarling that he doesn't intend to let her attempt on his life go unpunished.

As the outlaws prepare to face the mercenaries, Djaq and Will share a kiss. Alan shows up and convinces Ellingham that Gisbourne has sent him to collect the prisoners to be interrogated. Halfway through the scheme, Ellingham realises that he's been hoodwinked and the outlaws are forced to fight for their lives. As the outlaws manage to fight their way free, Alan informs Robin of the Sheriff and Gisborne's plan, and the fact they have a captive Marian with them.

Robin and his gang, including Alan, set off for the Holy Land in order to save Marian and ultimately England.

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