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I've really come to love The Big Bang Theory in its second season. The show has undeniably developed into something far greater than what it was in its pilot.

That being said, I wasn't in love with last night's season finale, and I'd like to hear what you guys think!

Of course, the show had it's characteristic funny gags and laugh-out-loud moments. I loved Penny's responding to Sheldon's obnoxious door-knocking routine, the writers' awareness of current trends (Leonard: "Yes, how did we live before Twitter?") and probably most of all, how the guys' North Pole living room setup exactly mimicked their setup at home.

As I've mentioned before, I love how Raj and Wolowitz have become larger characters on the show. In fact, my favorite line of the night was courtesy of Raj: "But if we were part of the team that confirmed string theory, we could drink for free...in any bar...in any college town with a university that has a strong science program!" Furthermore, the interaction between Raj's parents and Wolowitz's mom was hilarious.

However, I didn't love the Leonard/Penny storyline. The show excels when it moves away from their romance (in my mind), so concluding on Penny's "Oh, I guess I do have feelings for Leonard" seemed like a bit of a step backwards for me...and a little anticlimactic as a whole. 1) Isn't this exactly how the first season concluded? and 2) Are we really expected to believe that Penny does have feelings for Sheldon after all? Penny's renewed interest in Leonard seemed a little bit out of nowhere to me and just a cheap way to throw in a cliffhanger that wasn't even particularly compelling. In reality, I don't think it will amount to much of anything, as Penny will undoubtedly find a new boyfriend in Leonard's absence.

What say you? Do you disagree with me? Think the Leonard/Penny story was a big bang of a conclusion? Discuss!

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May 12, 2009 5:03PM EDT

I wasn't really expecting a huge finish but I liked it. We have had a few leads about Penny's feelings from the xmas episode and when Leonard's mother came to visit, but the bomb she dropped when dating their friend Stewart and said the name "Leonard" when they were making out was a definate clue for me how they were going to end it. I've always liked the show from the beginning and do agree it got funnier when it wasn't all about Leonard chasing Penny, however, I kind of like the way they've gone with this idea of Leonard and Penny being apart for so long and what will happen next. Will she meet someone else? Will he meet someone else? Does absence really make the heart grow fonder? Or can distance and time actually make us forget feelings we once had for someone?
p.s. When Penny knocked the door back in response to Sheldon I laughed so hard!!

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May 13, 2009 3:40AM EDT

i dont like shows that have emotional connections with it, unless theres humour to it. there wasnt any humour regarding when penny said that i'll miss u, i dont like that part, needs more humoura funny part would be if sheldon would hook up with penny

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May 13, 2009 5:50PM EDT

"knock, Knock, Knock Penny" "Knock, Knock, Knock Sheldon" Hilarious :)

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May 16, 2009 11:26AM EDT

I think that by leaving this show like it did, with Penny obviously wanting Leonard is just like last season's ending and the only problem with it last season was the way they took it back so quickly and obviously to re-do it in this episode. To me this just shows that the writers feel that the only way to perform a cliffhanger and to hopefully make people watch it next season is to have a will-they-wont-they situation.
I liked how they have picked up on Sheldon's idiosyncrasies and yes the knocking on the door was very funny :D
I agree, very anti-climatic and bar them going away for 3 months and Penny wanting Leonard, this didn't really feel like the end to a season, though I feel many of the different shows this season have been very anti-climatic in their finale's.

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May 16, 2009 11:39AM EDT

I concur most ardently...the show does deff excel once it's moves away from the Penny/Leonard storyline!!
For me...it's so unbelievable...hard to digest.

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May 27, 2009 7:01PM EDT

First off.. and this is just because of what Sabre7 said.. the guy's name is "Stuart", not "Stewart".. there aren't many Stu's in the world, but those of us who are around hate when the "ew" combo gets thrown into our name. S-T-E-W-A-R-T is a last name, not a first name. Not picking on Sabre7 here, just pointing out something that bugs the hell out of me and trying to educate the general population about this tiny little thing that bugs the hell out of me.
So, The Big Bang. Yeah, I wasn't so crazy about the finale either. Not only do I agree that the show suffers when they try to advance the Leonard/Penny love story, but I believe that up until they started throwing together their Sheldon/Penny episodes, Penny just didn't do it for me. I get it. She's not as smart as the others.. I feel like the show tries to hit me over the head with that point. Please show, stop doing that. However, she does provide a great foil character to Sheldon, and that is what her character should keep doing.
Now.. as a Season finale, I didn't think much of it. I chuckled at the way they pointed out that they were going to be away for three months.. but unless Wolowitz does actually end up killing Sheldon.. or in a moment of self-defence, Sheldon ends up killing Wolowitz.. or Raj by mistake.. or at least someone gets seriously injured by a home-made crossbow bolt.. then I really don't see how that ending could lead up or foreshadow anything interesting for the third season.. because as I've already said, Penny and Leonard bore me.

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Jun 6, 2009 1:30PM EDT

i like penny and leonard but i think it could be done a lot better

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Jun 8, 2009 12:39AM EDT

Oh good lord you people. This is the shows freaking SECOND season. I'd like to point out season finale's get better once they've been on for three or more years. I myself, didnt even try to give the show a chance until my boyfriend held me on the couch insisting I watch the pilot. I digress.
You guys missed a big point. The REASON why they're in the north pole. They're there because Sheldon has a shot at proving the String Theory. That's huge! Ok fine, I agree season finales should have something that grabs people to wait and watch the next season. Keep in mind, they've been picked up for two more seasons. I know of several shows who have a two part end at the end of the season, the big gasp moment was resolved in the last episode of the season because the producers knew they'd be back on in, oh my gosh look at the symetry here, THREE months.
I highly doubt that Wolowitz would shoot Sheldon with a crossbow, it would be funny as hell to have him come back with an arrow sticking out his ass but that would be improbable. As for Sheldon fighting back, I highly doubt that too.
As for the reiteration that Penny is not as smart as the others, those little dialogue bits are part of the funny. Most audiences (and I'm guessing at this, because I havn't seen any information about exactly who watches this show) would be tuning out the science speak, just like Penny is, so when Penny reiterates this fact, the audience connects with the character. As for Sheldon constantly saying a phrase similar to 'It's like talking to a monkey.' The audience (or atleast me) feels a slight hatred for Sheldon and empathy for his friends around him because they have to deal with him.
Now I'm on to the Penny/Leonard pairing. Personally I like it. I like the idea of this geek, who likes the modern girl. It reminds me a bit of the Ross/Rachel pairing in Friends. They can't repeat the whole thing like friends because that would be copying. I don't think the show suffers when there's a penny/Leonard episode, Remember the characters have the develop somehow. Also by doing this, Howard stays away from Penny... except when it's funny to the audience to hear his lame pickup lines.
I'd like to leave this rant with the following. How the heck else could they have ended the season? As a student in the broadcasting field, I say they did pretty good. I mean ending a show like that in some earth shattering way is very hard. They can't kill a character because everyone has a very good dynamic with the others. If Penny left that would suck because then those who watch the show and don't have Ph.Ds wont understand half of it, if any of the guys were gone then they four dynamic would be broken and the show would dissolve into crap. They arent a drama so it's not like they can end with 'OMG Penny's pregnant, and it's one of the main character's children'. I restate the fact, They're tin the freaking arctic trying to prove the STRING THEORY. The science of how they're doing it is beyond me and I'm not going to lie, I don't particularily care how they do it, but they're doing it.
I agree with an earlier statement, the one where at the end of season 1 they dropped the Penny/Leonard story line too quickly. I think they also dropped the new roomate above 4A too quickly too (The Dead Stripper on CSI one).
Now I'm just going to make a couple comments because I'm done my rant about the season finale.
Firstly, I think they should do an episode where the elevator gets fixed and then they break it somehow.
Secondly, has anyone else noticed the continuity error? There's a couple but the one I see the most is Penny gets her mail from a few mail boxes. The top row second one from the left, and the top row first on the right are the most popular ones. I would think that since Sheldon gets his mail from the top leftmost box Penny gets hers right beside theirs. The continuity mistakes are distributed about the series, unfortunatly I don't have exact episodes to point out where the errors occur.

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Jun 8, 2009 12:41AM EDT

Oh I also forgot that the joke with Penny knocking back on the door had me laughing really good too. I honestly didn't expect that one.

Jul 23, 2009 10:19PM EDT

I think they put that in just because they wanted to add another series, which i hope.

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