Privileged Rundown: Episode 14, "All About Tough Love"

Holy drama, Privileged fans! Last week's episode was all synchronized swimmers and sex in hospital supply rooms. Now in this episode we've got jail visits and arguments about posting bail and agonizing thoughts on what sisterhood truly means - and that surprising and totally sad ending! Well, we also got some shirtless Will and snarky Marco, so it's not all high drama. There's also the Luis-Sage romance that continues to be adorably entertaining.

* I love jaded Marco in this episode, always supplying the droll comedic relief. "Young love," he scoffs at Luis and Sage. "Makes me sick." Later he sums up why their young romance won't last: "One of them will choose MySpace, the other one will choose Facebook and they'll never speak again."

* So, Lily's in jail for drug possession, though she says she "didn't do it." Will offers to pay the $25,000 bail but Megan tells him not to, and Megan's dad decides that nobody should post Lily's bail. This is a tough one for Megan who's having trouble just leaving her sister in jail. I could see their dad's point about Lily needing to hit rock bottom, but it did seem a little harsh to leave her there. What do you think about this storyline?

* Sage and Rose's classmate says that Sage is dating "a domestic!" Wow. My favorite part of the school scenes, however, is the dig they get in at the CW's new 90210 when Sage says the rich/poor love story is so lame "they did it on the first 90210."

* Oh, gratuitously shirtless Will? Why, thank you. Don't mind if I do.

* I love dorky little Zach (with a "chah," not a "kah")! When he delivers a poem to Rose (because, as he overheard Rose saying, "it's a nice way to show someone you care about them"), she thinks he wrote it and he doesn't correct her. Problem is, Rose can't understand the poem! I love that she goes to "" to look up the words she doesn't know so she can figure out "Zach's crazy hard poem about our sublimary love!"

* Charlie's super down on the whole Luis-Sage thing, thinking that it will lead to Luis getting fired. But Luis says you "always gotta follow your heart."

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