'90210' Season 2, Episode 9: Happy half-birthday, Silver - Review

Silver, Jackie & Teddy

Silver is hard at work caring for her mom, complete with a scary schedule binder. Teddy helps Silver out by staying with Jackie while she runs out to the doctor. Jackie then throws Silver a make-up 7th birthday. The house is all space-themed because at 7 Silver wanted to be an astronaut. Then Jackie takes her to a make-up 12th birthday from when she was obsessed with the '80s. She says the nurses plus Teddy helped set it up. Awww.

The next day, Jackie is throwing Silver a real half-birthday party for all her friends. But when Silver wakes up on her half-birthday, Jackie is unresponsive. Uh oh.

Dixon & the Wilsons

Dixon isn't doing so well, he feels completely guilty about the way he treated Sasha and then she miscarried. The Wilsons decide to tell him about Sasha lying and Dixon gets mad at Debbie for not telling him. She says she didn't want him to not trust women and he snots back, "Well, now I know one woman I can't trust." Oh grow up, Dixon. He pouts and throws "you're not my real mom" in her face. Oh, I would slap the attitude right out of that child.

He goes surfing and ends up finding out that Liam didn't sleep with Annie, which he already knew but didn't believe. Jerk. To his credit, he does go to Annie to apologize and she's totally mean to him about Sasha, so he tells her to go to hell. Man, neither one of them has a leg to stand on, they've both been so mean to each other.

Ade & Navid

When Naomi wants to get Silver a birthday present, Ade says she's low on funds to kick in so Naomi gives Ade $150 to buy it. Ade uses the money to buy drugs from Jasper and Navid sees. Navid confronts Jasper about it and Jasper says she was paying him back for some lunch money she borrowed and that Navid should back off.

Ade spins a tale of a purse-snatcher to Naomi to explain the missing money, turning on the waterworks and everything. Naomi doesn't care about the money, she only cares about Ade's well-being. It's very sweet and makes me want to punch Adrianna.

Liam, Ryan & Ivy

Liam tries to apologize and Ryan tells Liam his stepdad was right -- Liam's a bad seed. Wow, that is SO unprofessional and immature. Mr. Mathews needs to pull his head out of his ass. Liam then bites Ivy's head off and later gets all lunatic-y at the beach,starting a fight with some other surfers.

Teddy, Dixon and Ivy go all After-School Special on him and Liam tells them what Jen Clarke has been doing. He says he doesn't know how to destroy Jen Clarke, which is RIDICULOUS because he had the audio of her confessing! Dumbass. Anyway, Dixon, Teddy and Ivy tell him they're gonna help destroy Jen. Awesome.

Liam then apologizes to Ivy for saying that she's not his girlfriend and Ivy tries to play it cool. He asks her to dinner, but it's kind-of a "buddy" invite and she declines but then says okay.

Jasper & Annie

Jasper gets Annie an audition for one of his producer dad's movies and when they rehearse, Annie says she loves him and he says he wanted to say it first. Man, I LOVE these two together. When Annie doesn't get the part, Jasper reassures her and he's all sweet and she says she wants him to be her first.

Thoughts & Tidbits

* With every passing week, I get more sad about where Annie and Jasper are headed. Am I making this up? I think Shanae Grimes and Zachary Ray Sherman have excellent chemistry together.

* I cannot WAIT to see what Teddy, Dixon and Ivy help Liam do to Jen Clarke. Anything short of public humiliation in front of both Ryan and Naomi, followed by getting hit by a bus and dragged half a mile will be a disappointment.

* Man, that last scene was a bummer. It's not quite Buffy's "Mom? Mom? Mommy?" but still sad.

* Dixon: I wish I'd get alerts that let me know when crazy girls are approaching.

Teddy: They've probably got an app for that.

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Nov 11, 2009 6:22PM EST

I don't really like Jasper and Annie. Maybe it's just because I can't stand Annie, but I think Jaspers a bit of a slime-ball aswell.
I'm not really feeling this season yet. Everythings changed too fast, there was barely any transition. Annie's a bitch who has no friends and because she made one, who then turned into her boyfriend (even though she's not suspicious at all he suddenly appeared and saved the day before when she was having a picnic or whatever with slime-ball no.1) so she's hanging onto him for dear life. Although I am curious about Jaspers angle, he has to be manipulating Annie for a reason. Adrianna was all set to marry Navid last season, but this season she's happy to cheat on him with a boy she knew ages ago, and now go back to drugs? The only people who haven't seemed to change are Naomi and Silver (Apart from she may be a little more caring towards others than she was, because of her mother having cancer.)Plus the whole Dixon and Sasha thing seemed so pointless to me. There was no real purpose in it, from what I can see. And it's annoying, because I really miss Ade and Navid being all lovey dovey. They were the best couple in it. But I don't see how Navid can get past her cheating. I can't understand why they've made Ade into such a bitch, and if they try to pass it off as her being "unstable" because she had to give up her baby, then I'll stop watching.

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