Recap The 4400: Season 2, Episode 8 - Carrier

Kyle tries to understand his father's eight year relationship that occurred in seconds in the previous episode.

Diana tries to find a way to stop NTAC from seizing Maia's diary, but 'What NTAC wants, NTAC gets.' Marco offers to help by making coffee for her.

Alana talks to Kyle and assures him that she does not want to replace his mother and that she would just like to be a good friend to him.

At a cafe several people lay deceased against tables as if having suddenly died; the dead bodies and also dead birds also litter street outside, although one woman surrounds all the death, alive and shocked she wanders and runs away.

Matthew Ross attends the 4400 Center to see Shawn; on arrival he signs the legal documents surrounding a tired Shawn and notifies him and his secretary that he has booked an exclusive interview with 60 minutes. Matthew informs Shawn that if Jordan was to ever die, that he was to step up to help him out.

At NTAC Nina informs her staff that the FBI is heading the investigation into Collier's death, but that NTAC is still in the game.

April tries her luck at gambling with scratch cards and asks Maia about her abilities to see into the future, April finishing her question is interrupted by Maia telling her 'That one.'' April purchases the scratch card Maia pointed to and scratches it off, discovering she is a winner.

Nina pulls Tom and Diana off the Collier case when a town in Oregon becomes the victim of a lethal and highly contagious virus, and tells them that all victims are accounted for, except a 4400, returnee #0188.

Jean DeLynn Baker hitches a ride to Seattle on a truck, intending to go to the 4400 Center, she tells the driver that she had woken up in a town full of dead people, and that she thinks she may have caused them all to die, the driver thinks she is making fun of his beliefs, Jean responds by telling him that she does not think that he is a freak and that she believes in everything he is saying.

Tom and Diana attend the village to where the outbreak occurred, learning that the virus dissipates within 30 to 40 minutes of being air born.

Shawn reads some of the letters he has been receiving pleading for his help in curing their loved ones, Shawn becomes distraught crumpling and chucking the letter on the floor.

Matthew Ross offers Lily a job, though she is apprehensive, stating that she does not think she is qualified for the job.

Tom and Diana go to Jean DeLynn Baker's home, Tom asks Marco to try and find a pattern, and the way that she thinks, Tom would like to beat her to way she is heading. Jean rings the 4400 Center saying she needs help and she did not mean to kill them, the agent who answers her call asks her where she is and notifies Matthew Ross who tells her to get NTAC on the phone.

Maia experiments with make-up and April wins a bet she places thanks to Maia's precognitive ability, April asks her for who to pick on the next bet, Maia asks April how much she is betting, April tells her the whole 200$USD, and asks her if she is getting anything, Maia asks April if she likes her, not for her ability but for who she is. The man who was driving Jean DeLynn Baker is found dead at the wheel of his truck which has swerved off road. Jean begins reading and reciting the bible when her hotel window is smashed and a capsule is thrown in releasing tear gas into the room, several men in white Hazmat suits enter, Jean warns them to stop as she is scared and they start to itch when she is scared, both men die within seconds and on leaving the hotel room the man outside instantly drops dead, Jean enters a car with highly blistered hands.

Tom receives a phone call on his mobile phone while he and Diana are driving, on answer Jean speaks to him telling him she called them for help and they scared her. Tom attempts to get her to tell him where she is, she tells him she is going to end it before she kills anyone else.

Shawn reveals to Matthew he needs a vacation, Matthew tells him that he is ignoring his request, Shawn tells Matthew he is leaving anyway.

Tom notifies Marco that there men are dead; Marco tells him that the virus would need to be on a sub-atomic level to pass through the suit, Diana and Marco conclude that Jean releases spores when she is scared or angry, sending the virus air borne.

Lily visits Shawn after hearing about his intentions to leave for a while, and reveals an idea to Shawn, Lily would like to set up a foundation and hire staffs to read his letters and pick those that really need help.

Jean calls Tom again saying she could not go through with it, she tells him she knows where to go, and she has finally figured out what she needs to do 'Purify humanity.'

April shouts at Maia after she bets her mothers diamond ring and discovers Maia lied to her telling her the wrong team, and that she let her down.

Tom and Diana catch up with Jean; Tom tells her she does not have to let them turn her into a mass murderer, Jean tells Tom that it is to late, that her hands itch so bad, as Jean raises her hand a gun fires hitting her and killing her, Diana pulled the trigger.

Marco reveals he has produced a forgery of Maia's diary to get NTAC off her back, with Diana remarking its one of the nicest things anybody's ever done for her.

Lily and Matthew meet up and Lily reveals to him she's not a believer, Matthew reveals neither is he. Diana presents the forged diary to Nina.

Kyle has flashbacks regarding the shooting of Jordan Collier, learning he killed him.

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