Recap As The World Turns: Monday, August 16, 2010

Carly tries get Blackthorn to admit something criminal, but Janet interrupts their conversation. Jack manages to sidetrack her and Blackie invites Carly up to his room. Once there, Carly tries to seduce without actually having to follow through with the seduction. Blackie wiser than he lets on, reaches into Carly’s blouse and pulls out the wire. Meanwhile, Janet confronts Jack in his hotel room and discovers what he and Carly are up to. Jack’s momentarily distracted by Janet, right when Carly needs him most. Blackie threatens Carly, when Jack bust in. Blackie forces Carly and Jack to leave, or face legal repercussions. Janet stays with Blackie and comforts him. He kisses her and she doesn’t pull away.

Craig asks Lily for money to invest, but Holden intervenes. Lily gets rid of him, but refuses to buy Craig’s shares in Worldwide, since she doesn’t want to compete with her mother. Lily goes to Lucinda and Lucinda offers to take her to Avalon Castle for a spa weekend.

Holden returns to Snyder Farm in time to stop Parker and Gabriel from getting in a fight. Gabriel realizes Holden blames Craig for all Lily’s troubles. Gabriel informs Craig that Lucinda’s to blame for the collapse of the perfume company. Craig has Gabriel share with Lily what he overheard Lucinda say. Lily asks Craig if she can buy out all his Worldwide stock.

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