Recap As The World Turns: Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reid continues to pressure Chris to get more medical help, but Chris insists he wants to give the meds a shot first. Instead of dosing Chris in the hospital, Chris has booked a room at the Lakeview. Henry wants Katie to come with him to Sweden to find Vienna, who he thinks knows where Barbara is. She’s reluctant to go.

Luke meets up with Noah, heading to a meeting with his grant director. Noah always imagined going to LA with Luke. But Luke is now serious with Reid. Noah has his meeting at the Lakeview and sees Reid heading upstairs with his arm around another man (Chris). Noah calls Luke up to arrange a meeting to inform him.

Barbara and Emily are still tied up in the Fairwinds Wine Cellar. Iris goes downstairs to pressure Barbara for her money again. Iris hears from the banker Mr. Milburn, then goes to meet with him, and hears that the check Barbara gave her is linked to a defunct account. Meanwhile, Barbara and Emily continue to try and knock down the post they’re tied to. Part of the ceiling falls, hits the fuse box, and starts a fire.

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