Recap As The World Turns: Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Katie suggests Chris is not himself. Chris doesn’t go into it, just says he’s stressed out by work. He does get Katie to join him for the trustees’ party. Chris has a chance to answer trustees’ questions about his ideas for the hospital, but he’s unwell, yet Reid covers for him. Chris asks Katie to take him home. At home, Chris kisses Katie.

Luke sees Reid cover for Chris, wonders why he’d do that for someone he’s in competition with. Reid confesses to Luke that Chris is the patient he’s been helping. Reid is much more sympathetic than he’s ever been, and he’s sure it’s because of his time with Luke.

Gwen goes with Iris to an open AA meeting, hears Iris’ stretch of a life story. The sparks continue to fly in the Fairwinds Wine Cellar. Sensing the end, Barbara wishes to make amends with Emily, but Emily rejects her good faith. Will, Henry and Paul smell smoke and head downstairs to find them. Gwen has gone upstairs to check on Iris and later admits that Iris has left.

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