Recap As The World Turns: Thursday, August 19, 2010

Katie and Chris cuddle after making love. Katie goes to check on Jacob when Chris is seized with chest pains. Katie sees that he’s taking medication, which Chris says is simply aspirin. Katie would inquire more into his health, but Chris is called away to examine Barbara and Emily. Henry and Paul are so relieved to find Emily and Barbara, but Barbara just wants to find Iris and get vengeance. Gwen finds Iris at the Lakeview. Gwen thinks she should have made Iris pay for her bad deeds a long time ago.

Paul finds Emily freaking out about almost dying. He comforts her. Barbara refuses to forgive Henry for not picking her. Katie shows up to inform Barbara that she’d be a fool not to take Henry back. Katie returns home to join Chris, but he’s not there. Chris calls Reid asking for a higher dosage of his medication. Henry is shocked to find Barbara at his door, trying to forgive him. In his excitement he proposes to her. Barbara accepts.

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