'Parenthood' - 'Perchance to Dream' Recap Episode 9

Well, I'm totally with Adam on this one. Sure, Haddie could wear the bra -- there's no crime in a girl wanting to feel pretty -- but I wouldn't let her leave the house with her shirt hanging off her shoulder and her bra strap showing. It's not a double standard! Drew didn't have half his underwear showing!

Besides that, Haddie and her boyfriend were making out on his bed (without her bra on, since she took it off in anger before leaving the house!). And, hello?!! Parents shouldn't let teens be alone in a bedroom with the door closed. Ok, I feel slightly better now.

Just when I think I have the relationship between Sarah and Amber pigeonholed (shoot me now), they do something completely sweet and thoughtful, which changes the game. Amber plunking that Berkley catalog down in front of Sarah sort of blew my mind there for a minute. Of course! It's Sarah who wants to go to college, not Amber. Well, maybe Amber does, but she isn't showing much interest at this point. I'm not into pushing kids into college if their hearts aren't in it. Too expensive, for one thing.

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